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Established in 2015, Pyramid Home Divine (PHD) is one of the most recently developed wellness centre in Uttrakhand, India. Nestled cozily in the enchanting foothills of Mussoorie, about 17 km away from the main city of Dehradun, PHD is a holistic resort based on the science of Pyramids. The resort is built to enhance positive energies of the guests through the pyramid-shaped roofs or domes.

For centuries we have found the domes and pyramids on our temples believed to help channel positive energy to the Universe and in return receive positive cosmic energy in the manifold. It has been an integral part of Holistic beliefs, in both Indian as well as the Egyptian Civilizations. The resort is founded on the principles of Hinduism and Spirituality that help you to attain peace, health, and prosperity.

Vision :

To liberate your mind, body & soul…

Pyramid Home Divine is based on a two-fold fundamental: One is to bring calmness to oneself through Meditation & Spiritualism. While the other is based on relieving pain, distress, and disease, leading to enrichment of one’s life.

The Resort is completely planned on multiple fronts for a wholesome living with Holistic Healing & an abundance of Ayurveda Treatments.

“Pyramid Home Divine is a sanctum that enlightens you with a very simple lesson; it gives you a healthier lifestyle and teaches you that the power to do so lies within you.”

Our Founders :

Satish Agarwal founded Pyramid Home Divine with his wife Ruchi Agarwal based on his deep knowledge and passion for Pyramids. PHD is an expression of Satish and Ruchi’s life experiences and their desire to serve society and inspire others.

Satish has devoted years to studying, learning and observing pyramids and their positive energy and then, using them in day to day lives. Ruchi is an integral part of this holistic resort and manages all daily operations and is also the ‘creative mind’ behind all activities undertaken by the resort. Mr. Satish Agarwal is also a Pyramid meditation master and a professional Pyra Vastu Consultant. He regularly conducts workshops globally on these topics.. For him, PHD is his dream come true with the strong support of his wife.

Their aim is to relieve pain, distress, and disease such as a migraine, depression, obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, spondylosis, insomnia, stress, frozen shoulder, memory loss constantly occurring through our present lifestyle with Ayurveda, meditation, and the concept of Pyramid and Pyra Vastu among other things. They firmly believe that antibiotics are silent killers that can be damaging to organs like liver, kidney, and heart and therefore, PHD can be a healing centre through Ayurveda and Spirituality.