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Rooms, Resorts Near Dehradun

The Manidweepam Pyramid-Dhyan (Meditation Centre)

The Meditation Centre attracts you with its spectacular shape and also because of the way it has been conceptualized and built. This is the main centre of energy. Divided into two levels – the top part of the Pyramid is for meditation. A spray of colorful cushions, mats, and streaming sun rays during the day entices you to meditate for a calmer mind here. You are immediately distracted from the outside world to delve into a space that is quieter and filled with positivity.

Pyramids are known as the divine domes because they are built to receive cosmic energy and transfer to us in manifolds the second level – the base of the pyramid houses a large centre table apt for smaller and softer discussion on the subjects promoted by the resort. This area is also filled with books and autobiographies by gurus who have been propagating the theory of Pyramids, Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation among other subjects.

Annapurna Prasadam (The Restaurant)

The restaurant serves fresh vegetarian food as practiced and promoted by the resort. The menu here is prepared in consultation with the in-house Ayurveda doctors.

This is done to make sure that every imbalance in the body is taken care of and aligned as food plays a very important role in keeping the body balanced. According to Hindu traditions, food is also served here on low seating. You can have a sumptuous meal either from our a la’ carte or buffet here.

Sadbhavana Sangoshthi Kaksh (Conference Hall)

Like all buildings, the Sadbhavana Sangoshthi Kaksh (Conference Hall) is a twin Pyramid building known as the “The Harmony Pyramid” with the capacity to accommodate 300 people. It has a stage, a private lounge area and audio-visual facilities perfect for conferences. It is ideal for holding corporate, national and international conferences.

Yoga and Meditation

Since the resort takes pride in spirituality, health and wellness Yoga is an important part of daily life. There are regular classes on yoga, meditation, Pyra Vastu, Cosmic energy and past life regression by experts from around the world.

There are also regular workshops conducted for all those who hold a deep interest in these subjects. Most importantly, the resort has meditations on every full moon day wherein we have guests visiting us for this special occasion from all over the world. The resort has a beautiful Pyra Hydro Therapy channel built around a beautiful statue of Buddha. Walking bare feet on this channel can be beneficial as it has curative properties to heal many different kinds of diseases.

Kanchanstrva Divya Kund (Swimming Pool)

Following the concept of the resort which is founded on spirituality, health, naturopathy and the concept of the pyramid, the bright and colorful Divya Kund or the Swimming Pool can be summed up as the essence of all these elements. The entrance of the pool uses VIBGYOR colored antennas that charges the pool water with cosmic energy. It is a perfect place to meditate and be at peace with yourself. The Panchtatva meditation around the divyakund can be particularly beneficial.

Phd Health Centre

Surrounding the pool area is the beautiful spa that houses many therapy rooms. You can indulge in Ayurveda massages by expert therapists who will help you to refresh and rejuvenate after consultation with experts. We offer Shirodhara that will cure sinusitis, migraine & headache among other things or just the basic Ayurveda massage for detox & rejuvenation.

The Gau Shala

As you enter the resort and walk towards the end you will be greeted by several cows living peacefully at The Gau Shala. This is the centre that supplies the resort with fresh milk, curd, and ghee used at the restaurant.

This is also the very same ashram used by a hermit (Babaji), for his meditation years ago. Every year on September 2nd, an annual holy event is held to commemorate and pay respect to the Babaji who worshipped the Sun God and possessed spiritual powers. As a guest of the resort, you are more than welcome to indulge in Gau Seva if you so desire.

The Matavishva Sundri Temple

The temple right in front of the Gau Shala houses Shri Ganesh, Goddess Durga, and Shri Hanuman. Built in the shape of a Pyramid to harness the cosmic powers, the temple is a good place to begin your morning. The Ganesh statue was actually unearthed from the ground around which the temple is actually built.

Surrounding the temple beautifully is the concept garden based on the nine planets (Nav Grah) (Nakshatra) and the zodiac (Rashi signs). The trees planted in these gardens are according to the stars and the planets. The names of the trees and plants are listed on the board here to help you understand their uses and healing properties. You can also plant trees accordingly in your house garden for positive benefits.