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Weight Loss Package – In this package we address the root cause of your weight increase or obesity analyzing the biological, social, emotional, psychological and other related factors and provide a specialized treatment schedule. The package can comprise a mix of natural therapies like massage therapy, hydro therapy, Udwarthanam massage, consumption of herbs and many more. Practicing yogic kriyas is also a great therapy to ward off the excess weight and gradually shape-shift into a slimmer and healthier body structure.

Stress Management Package – Dedicated to all those that find themselves becoming a soft target to corporate and daily stress, this package aims to balance your system completely so that you can tackle stress better. Since stress often results in chronic headaches and body aches, that’s why the Indian Shirodhara is a treatment here, where the oil dripping from a thin channel to the forehead helps in reducing cluster and tension headaches. Since stress also affects skin therapies like mud therapy helps in nourishing the skin.

Rejuvenation & Detoxification Package – This therapy package is aimed at reducing and eliminating the toxins that have accumulated in the body. It helps in retrieving back the lost vitality and complete renewal. Therapies like Relaxation massage, abdominal pack, acupressure, spinal bath, colon therapy and chest pack can be used here.

You can select that package that best suits your requirements, preference and budget.

Keep an eye on special and exciting offers, hot deals during festive seasons that we pronounce from time to time! We always make things special for you!