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Annapurna Prasadam (Pure Vegetarian Multi Cuisine Restaurant)

Best Resort in Dehradun, Banquet Hall- Pyramid Divines

Pyramid Divine is a resort in Uttarakhand, India which is established in 2015 settled in the attractive foothills of Mussoorie about 17 km away from the main city of Dehradun. The resort is built to enhance the positive energies of the guests through the Pyramid-shaped roofs or domes.
Pyramid is a monumental structure with a square or triangular base that form a point on the top. Pyramid is known for their super natural properties of ancient Egyptian.

Our resort is famous for their structure which a combination of four triangles of perfect dimensions joined together at precise angles. It absorbs the positive universal energies and store the energy with a high concentration. A pyramid only generates positive energy that leads to positive and beneficial results.

We seek to offer our guests and members multitude ways to learn new skills, education and interventions that leads to holistic living. We organize various kinds of Workshops, School educational trips, Corporate events and many more.

Our resort include-:

Conference Hall – A place where we organize International market group workshops, School education trips, corporate events and many more for the guest or the members.
Meditation – We conduct meditation classes to focus on mind and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state.
Spa area – Spa area is available for the relaxation purpose of the guests.
Restaurant – A restaurant is there where different varieties of food are available for the guests.
Pool Table – Pool Table is there to spend your luxurious time with your family or friends.
Queen Chamber – It is basically a restaurant that is beautifully designed and constructed.

In our resort we are having different types of rooms available like Deluxe room, Standard room and suite. The guest can choose the type of room they want according to their choice.

We are having restaurant and open area lawns for parties, events, weddings, corporate events, outdoor catering, picnic, kitty party with the capacity of 500 plus people. We provide various membership programs at our resort with the one year membership that provide certain privileges to our guests. We aim to provide the excellent services to our guest because customers don’t measure how hard we tried but they measure us on what we deliver.