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Pyra Vastu is known to be the gift of the Indian nation to the world. A pyramid is a combination of four triangles of perfect dimensions joined together at precise angles. It absorbs the positive universal (cosmic) energies and stores the energy with a high concentration at the third height from the apex. This energy confers a number of benefits.

A pyramid only generates positive energy; therefore, the use of pyramids will give only positive and beneficial results and not produce any negative effects.

Vastu is an important principle used in Hinduism mostly for spaces and particularly, for space inside houses or properties to better the energies found there. There are ways these energies can be enhanced without altering or changing the physical presence of the house using the concept of Pyramid yantras that can be most helpful and beneficial. All rooms at PHD are charged with positive energies using Vastu treatment. They affect our well-being and help our mind to stay away from negative habits and thoughts. We are transformed wholly into a positive life with a healthy and creative mind.

Mr. Satish Agarwal, our founder, who is a renowned Pyra Vastu consultant, says that “in the present times the use of pyramids has found to be effective, durable, economical and useful in the rectification of Vastu defects”. He frequently takes workshops nationally and in PHD on the importance of Pyra Vastu in daily life. He has helped many individuals to lead better lives, make businesses more profitable and charging their homes with positive energies to instill goodness with the help of Vastu treatments. (He is available for consultation with prior appointment)

We seek to offer our guests and members a multitude of ways to learn new skills and fine-tune the old ones on the path to wellness, and we offer regular workshops focused on a variety of skills, education, and interventions that highlight holistic living and integrative symptom maintenance. We also design personalized wellness programs for each guest.

We organize several workshops and other events at PHD throughout the year such as: Better your life with the use of Pyramid Yantras, International Masters group workshops, school educational trips, corporate events, forever blessings – holy matrimonies and birthday celebrations and many more.

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